Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Speed Walking the Appalachian Trail

I thought this was so neat that I had to share it.  (Plus Clark can't be featured in 3 posts in a row!)

Kevin Gallagher of Richmond VA put together this time lapse video of his thru hike of the AT.

Green Tunnel from Kevin Gallagher on Vimeo.

“Each day of the six month trek, Kevin took photographs of a single quintessential section of the trail. Twenty four successive steps down the trail were captured each day. At the end of the journey he had over 4,000 slides which were then strung together to offer a condensed view of what an accelerated hike along the Appalachian mountain range would look like.”

(Above quote taken from his website www.anothergallagher.com)

Its just a touch jumpy for the first minute but then either my eyes got used to it or he perfected the art of smooth walking!

Even the music is good so turn on your sound!  Enjoy!!  I embedded the video, but if you hit the Green Tunnel link then you can see it in a bigger screen which is way more enjoyable.


  1. That is so cool. Where (how?) do you find this stuff.

  2. The four legged company around here last night had me a little bored so I was wandering aimlessly on the internet. Found the link from the Blue Ridge Outdoors website.

  3. Hi. You left a comment on my blog and I wished to give you a return response, but you are set up as 'no reply'. Are you not wanting responses to your blogging comments?


  4. hmmmm.... that's strange! I'll have to strain my computer knowledge and check it out. Thanks Di

  5. Grace and Joe - wonderful to look across the street and see stuff happening! And that's great news about your "little boy." We'll be over to inspect one of these days. Welcome to the neighborhood!
    Linda from "over the hill"

  6. And one more thing - I'm going to send the AT walk video (so cool!) to a friend who does a lot of hiking on the AT trail. I know he'll enjoy it, too! Linda "over the hill"

  7. Thanks Linda!!! I know we'll be disturbing the solitude out there, and hope it doesn't drive you crazy. We hope you come over and inspect regularly!!!!


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