Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

The roofing crew did a good job of cleaning up post roofing but it still took us a full day to comb over the place for stray nails and debris and wash away all of the grit from the walks, porches, decks etc.

We were congratulating ourselves on what a good job we had done and then after one (ONE.... only one!) trip up the driveway, Bernard got a nail in a tire.

Wouldn't you know it.... THE Most expensive tires that we own!  Even more than one of the dually truck tires.  Why couldn't it have been the lawn mower?

He's back at the barn waiting for air from the compressor.

I thought he looked like the Little Engine That Could parked in front of the horse trailer.  He's even the right shade of blue!

So much to look forward to this week:  graduation, baccalaureate, seeing Asher, Owen, Kathleen (and showing them the land for the first time), seeing Raeanna (and her new ring!), and my first look at the "basement" of the house.

We'll be on the road in a few hours!!


  1. sorry about the nail! hope the rest of your trip will go safely and soundly! :)

  2. Thanks! Bernard was sidelined for the drive. 5 hours down ....11 to go.

  3. I don't think the State police are gonna let you drive that go cart on the roads up here.

    When my folks had their roof replaced a few years back a crew from Sears did the job. They had 2 guys whose only job was to pick up all the scraps and debris. The very last thing they did was go over the entire yard, twice, with great big magnets on wheels to get all the nails. They also picked up a set of keys I had lost years earlier. How the lawn mower never found them I'll never know.


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