Friday, May 20, 2011

Graduation Teaser

Some of you know that Clark is scheduled to graduate from college next week.  I say scheduled because it might not happen.

Although Rockbridge County is in a bit of a bubble, I'm not sure that even it could escape the predicted end of the world/Judgement Day which is predicted for tomorrow, May 21st.  The rapture and taking up to heaven of the true faithful will be on Saturday and I'm afraid that I may be among the poor souls left here to wait out the next 5 months of misery.

So back to graduation.....  What with the mayhem and destruction that will begin the five month wait until the actual end of days, I doubt that even W&L will manage to swing a graduation ceremony.  They have a rain plan, but apparently not a rapture, earthquake, fire, pestilence and flood plan.

He's worked hard for the chance to walk across the stage on the Colonnade lawn and so I thought that I'd do my best to give everyone a taste of what it could have been like next week.

Just because I'm his mother.

Mothers live in the past.

He's so cute that I don't know how I ever let him grow up or how I didn't defy the dire medical warnings and try and have Son #5.

I'm going to give him a hug when I see him and close my eyes and remember.....

Pre-K Graduation-- Clark-- Ms. Gina's class


  1. Grace! Where have you been all my life?!! Linda, looking forward to all sorts of adventures with you in the neighborhood!!!

  2. I found this post to be so humorous and touching at the same time.
    As the mother of a 30 year old son, I know what you mean about the years passing so quickly.
    Found you through Run*Around*Ranch, and plan to catch up on some of your other posts.
    I live in Virginia too - southeast corner - born & raised!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my that a Jack Russel i see in your header picture...??
    We're on our 5th JR...this one rescued from a broken home, just before we move to the high country....


  4. Yes, a very very special JRT (but aren't they all?!). Our one and only!


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