Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Digging almost Completed! (Week 1)

This morning I received several emails with attachments holding 11 new photos from Joe in Virginia. He was rather shamefaced that previously he had only sent ONE lonely photo to me over the last three days.  It had been a busy weekend up there though what with  mowing, sweeping and blowingcleaning house, weeding, cleaning stalls, pruningcooking, walking the dogs, and taking care of himself, the pool, cats, dogs and horses .

I can surely understand his situation!!!

I am joking though since I'm glad that he is up there to see it all and everything is going smoothly here on the old homefront.

I guilted him into finally doing some actual cooking for himself today.  Other than eggs for breakfast, a thawed chicken pot pie had been the limit of his culinary endeavors for the past 7 days!

I brought Bree to LSU for a recheck this AM and his eye is looking better.  They've given him the okay to be ridden again and a cyclosporin implant  is on order.

The paddocks at the vet school are directly across from the Mississippi River levee and there was a constant stream of gawkers walking up the paved overlook across from the parking area.  The corps has banned all foot traffic on the BR levees other than on the paved sections so this is one of the few spots where you can access the view.  The river is still 12 days away from cresting in Baton Rouge and since it was also a humid 91 degrees,  I opted to skip looking today although I'll probably go back later in the week.

Here are the latest views of the basement.  Still digging but the only patch of "bad" rock so far is the whitish rock that you can see in the center.  It's in the foyer/front door area.  Thankfully we had pulled the house back just a bit from our original layout or we'd have been paying for a lot more "tapping."

The last time I was there the grass was getting pretty tall and since Northern VA is considered endemic for Lyme disease, I was prepared to spray down on my next visit to the land.  It doesn't look like many ticks will be hanging out in the lunar landscape!

The dreaded "tapper".....  but imagine a house within the rectangle....


  1. A house within the rectangle.... LOVE IT! Can't wait to see it.


  2. My sister in law works in a local doctor's office and says they've seen a huge increase in the number of tick related cases this year. Another blogger I follow says the same is true in western Pennsylvania. Buddy has been getting thorough checks every time he goes anywhere near the tall grass or weeds this spring.

  3. Grace and Joe, Linda "over the hill" works Friday-Sunday so don't take my silence as anything but busyness. In fact, I'm LOVING your posts!!! What a personality. I especially wanted to say that I've never seen our house framed by a tapper!! or, our roof, to be more specific. Dave doesn't do computer (yet) so I'm looking forward to sharing your posts with him later today. We did go inspect quickly on Friday after dinner and before I had to go to work. It was so cool to walk down the gravel driveway and see your views and imagine the house. You're going to love it! More later. Thanks for the blog!!!! Linda


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