Monday, May 16, 2011

The Construction Continues

I don't know what's happening at the land in Virginia but here in Louisiana, we're working on the roof!

Yes, we're getting a new roof.  We had a hailstorm last month which was CRAZY!  My jaw was literally hanging slack while I stood at the french doors and looked out into the back yard watching the hail .  It went on and on and on.... by the time it finally stopped the entire deck was covered solid in hail the size of marbles and bigger.

Almost on a whim at someone's suggestion, we asked that Safe-co send out an inspector to see if we had enough damage to qualify for a replacement and much to our amazement, we did!  Our old roof was almost 12 years old so this will be great for the house sale.

The downside is that we many lose a tire and/or a foot to the zillions of nails that are laying around in the garden beds, walkways.

Shingles in the hot tub, grit everywhere and numerous mashed plants that may not survive, but as a new roof would have cost around 20K then it's worth the annoyance!


  1. Hi, Grace. How did the bed sharing go last night?!! What are the pets' names? Suggestion: show us a before-hail photo of the Louisiana house, and maybe someone will see it and buy it! Question: which town are you in? Thinking about you as the Mississippi comes to Louisiana. I'm assuming you're not close or you would have been having a traumatic comment by now! Linda "over the hill"

  2. Wow - storms can be so scary. But great news about the new roof!

  3. Hailstorms can do a lot of damage to roofs! It’s a good thing you were finally able to get the roof fixed! It seems like the perfect time for it to have happened! And it’s a good thing your insurance still covered it. You were able to save on money! Good luck with the construction!

    Tery Arnold


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