Monday, May 2, 2011

BIG News from the HIll

Even though I'm in Louisiana, there's some HUGE "news from hill" to blog about.....

Raeanna went to VA for a long weekend and here they are out at the land......

So.... cute together! 

 And what's the news?  No, no, no!  Not those tiny orange flags marking the corner of the house!!  

It's the big sparkly ring on her left hand!!!!!!!!

Oh my!!  How is the best way to express how happy I am for the two of them?  I looked in the thesaurus online for help and none of the synonyms for "delighted" or "overjoyed" came close to capturing my sentiments.  

So many changes ahead ..... One is graduating and the other is ending a job; one looking for a job and/or starting graduate school and the other beginning medical school; both of them moving.... and all this happening in the next few weeks.  I've told them before that I admire the way that they support and encourage one another and so it heartens me to think that they'll be facing these situations with a commitment to each other.  

Back to the thesaurus.... it gives me a about 200 possibilities for words and phrases to use in this post.  Although they all individually fall short of the mark, I'll try and use a bunch of them.  

  I'm tickled pink that he asked; pleased as punch that she said "Yes"; elated that I'll have her for a daughter-in-law; jubilant that they felt a commitment was important; and thrilled about the relationship that they are building!!

How did I do?  Sigh.... I still want to give them a hug!  Nothing beats seeing an ear to ear smile in person!


  1. That is so sweet, Mrs. Grace. Can't wait to see you too so I can return that hug. And I've been smiling ear-to-ear so long that my face aches, but I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

  2. I meant every word! And after I give my hug I'm going to ogle the ring!!!


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