Friday, May 13, 2011

Basement Photos Scale (Week 1)

The two day outage at Blogger had me silenced!  Since every other blog hosted by Blogger was also unable to communicate, I was in good company!

It was a bit like getting thirsty after you've been told that you can't have any water.  It normally doesn't bother me to go for days without posting, but since I "couldn't" post then there was nothing that I wanted to do more!

Joe kept telling me that they were almost finished with the digging and "tapping" but it didn't look very deep to me.  I know that is a truck in there, but it still looks shallow and not big enough for the whole bottom of a house!

So I told him to use the self timer and take a photo of himself "in" the basement.  Eureka!  When I opened this photo, I could literally put it all in perspective!  

Since he's 6' 7", I'd guess that it's almost 9 feet deep?


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