Saturday, April 9, 2011

Odds and Ends

I think that I left things hanging about our last offer we were expecting on the house.  It was a no-go, which was what we had expected all along but it is hard not to hope.   It was a younger couple with several kids who seemed the perfect fit to want the house.  But either they weren't quite in the range of being able to afford it or else they just wanted a total steal since their final offer was still way off target.

We've been told that the other couple whose financing didn't pan out after being under contract with us is still exploring other financing possibilities.   Plus we've got another showing tomorrow, so fingers crossed!

Bree aimed squarely for my foot (totally on purpose) while being medicated and smashed my foot TWICE in one day on Thursday!!  I'm guessing that I've got at least a week before I can wear a shoe so thank goodness that I don't have anywhere to go where I can't be seen shuffling in wearing either my crocs or flip-flops.

Bree's eye is still is inflamed, cloudy and has the corneal ulcer; however, it is showing some signs of improvement so at least I don't feel that my doctoring is a total waste. 

Lots of work around the property this week; when things are blooming and the weather is nice it's a pleasure to do.  In mid July it won't be such fun!

One of my favorite roses, Duchess de Brabant,  has been blooming harder than I've ever seen it before.... 


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