Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crime Here and There

One day last week the headlines of the BR paper were that a 10 year old brought a loaded semi-automatic handgun to school.  It's horrible on all levels that a child would be capable and/or feel the "need" to do such a thing.  He only got partway along on his bus ride and was at the bus transfer point (something I also doubt they have in Rockbridge County) when thank goodness a fellow kid ratted him out and authorities were called.

That same day, I looked at the local VA paper online and read that the Stop-In Quick Stop had been robbed AGAIN!!  This is the third time in two years which by local standards is an awful lot.  

I don't want to seem callous or flippant but there's a huge difference in EBR Parish and Rockbridge County violence levels. ....  On the same day that an EBR parish 10 year old brings a loaded handgun to school because some kids had threatened him the day before, a thief in Rockbridge County starts to make a purchase at the Quick Stop and then goes back out to the car for his weapon and returns demanding the money in the cash register.   

In EBR parish, a weapon is only a weapon.  Pretty much only good for hurting people unless you are a hunter in addition to being an angry 4th grader.  

But in RC, weapons can be multi-purpose.

No.... that's not the worlds longest handgun or a really skinny rifle.... it's a sledge hammer!!  

Yes, a sledgehammer.  

Since there were no jewelry cases that needed be broken open quickly, is a sledgehammer the robbery weapon of choice in a largely agricultural county?  

Seriously though,  it's a depressing sign of the times and an indicator of too much constant violence here in Louisiana when a sledgehammer seems like a quaint hold-up instrument.  


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