Saturday, April 2, 2011

At a Loss for Words

Since I've discussed ad infinitum with Joe and friends the happenings of the past 10 days, the idea of blogging about it all made me wince.  Each time that I'd get my head wrapped around one set of emotions and be ready to put it all into words fit to read then I'd find myself hanging in mid air with  conclusions, mantras and goals that no longer fit the situation.

Using a "word picture,"  here is what has been happening:

Signing the acceptance for the purchase offer that some of you know about was difficult.  It was the perfect example of wanting to have the best of both worlds.  I felt guilty that I was sad over something that we had been hoping would happen for almost a year!  I wasn'tworried about building a new house, leaving Zachary, or moving to Lexington; just not wanting to give up the physical house and land that I've grown to feel is a part of who I am.

A weekend away at Carol B's lovely home in Mississippi with four friends put me on the upswing.  I whined a little (OK, a lot) and got my emotions out in the open.  Saturday's seminar held at Carol's church by Paula D'Arcy titled "Great Lessons from the Journey" seemed aimed right at me and I was able to put many aspects of my life into a new perspective.  That afternoon Carol treated us by having two masseuses come to the house for private massages!!!  Soooooo wonderful that I think I'll just remember the experience for years and still get pleasure!   

By the time I returned home, I was 99% positive about the sale.  That missing 1% was me still wishing that a family was buying it.  Thanks to the shoulders that I leaned on and the speaker,  I came to terms over the weekend with the fact that I CAN leave and still be the same person!!

Six days after thinking that we had sold the house, we were deep into packing the barn and workshop, clearing out the attic, getting another estimate from movers, tying up loose ends etc. when we got a call from the realtor saying that the couple's planned financing was a no-go.  Seems that the bank decided that their place in Lake Rosemound wasn't worth what they thought..... Ha!  Welcome to the crowd!  
The next day we received a ridiculously low offer from a young family who have been to see the place twice.  Hooray for it being a  "family" wanting the house but not their offer!  We countered yesterday with a reasonable price and we'll see what happens.  If (and that's a big IF these days) they have the money, they'd be crazy not to buy it at the price that we've offered.

Lots of showings last month, so one of those might even wind up coming back.  

That's the Cliff Notes version.  To add in the other things that have been happening for the past 10 days would make War and Peace seem like a light read.  

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  1. Well at a loss for words, thats a first....Breaking away from any of your homes is hard Grace, remember back when you lived in the house off the road, even then your heart strings were pulled I know! When I left my home in Louisiana, I felt like a piece of me was going to die. That home is everything I ever wanted and still is to this day. I will never have anything like it ever again.I love my home in the mountains, but my heart aches when I look at that home.. I felt so privliged to own such a home. And we all will build many new memories in your new home!!When ever you get the damn thing built. As you can see I am not a at a loss for words!!!love you both I will talk to you soon. Cath


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