Monday, April 11, 2011

All Dressed Up.....

We were supposed to have a house showing yesterday.  (Note the foreshadowing given with the use of the word "supposed.")

We skipped church and spent the morning getting ready.  We cleaned and mowed, blew and trimmed, mopped and shined.  Finally we hid away evidence of pets (bowls, toys, beds, etc)  and the pets themselves were squirreled away in the RV part of the horse trailer and/or their stalls.

Joe went in to Home Depot while I waited for our realtor to arrive.... and I waited and waited.

Hmmm... the showing was supposed to be from 3-4 it was a buyer and realtor from Denham Springs and our realtor is supposed to be present for all showings too.  Thinking that I had the time wrong or they were just delayed at a previous home, I hung out at the barn which is where I am spending almost all of my time in my side line role as DVM to a fat palomino.

I did a slow burn when I got a call at 3:45 from the answering service which coordinates the showings saying that the appointment was cancelled.  Aaaaarrrrrgggghh!!!!  

When I contacted our realtor, she said she was "delayed".... so wasn't she fortunate in that she didn't sit around waiting for 45 minutes for a no-show?  The answering service didn't give me any reason why the other realtor and the buyer cancelled or if it will be rescheduled.

This is a royal pain and I'll be glad when it's over.  

After dinner with friends at Superior Grill in BR (and a large margarita) I had put my bad mood mostly behind me and was looking forward to a Monday cleaning day with nothing to do!

Martha Gonzales
So here's a happy note.... more roses!!




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