Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting a little culture in our old age!

Until last week, the last time that I attended a musical performance of young people where I wasn’t constantly watching one particular face was…. Well it was a long time ago!

Concerts have been events that I would go in order to hear and support various sons (mainly Clark in recent history) and not necessarily just for the joy of hearing the music.

So it was a departure from the norm when we went to the R.E. Lee Church and heard the Chamber Choir from Marshall University (W. VA) last week. The group of about 35 students is traveling around Virginia on their spring concert tour and Lexington was Stop # 2.  They performed eight selections ranging from a 16th century piece to more modern ones.  

Such talent!  Judging from their smiles and body language, they all seemed to love singing snf most were either music performance or music education majors.  With my lack of musical ability and knowledge, my praise won’t mean much to anyone, but I thought they were wonderful.

It’s so easy to take part in the activities around town and there have been many more opportunities to attend events than we've had the energy or free time to attend.  We won't be bored here.

Much better than watching TV.  

OK, so what if we don’t have a TV here yet? 

It was still better.  …. But I do plan on watching Modern Family on Hulu when we get home. 

Aren’t we a cultured pair??  


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