Monday, March 7, 2011

Still in the Dinghy

A while ago I posted that selling the house before we had a new one under construction felt as though I had climbed out of the big steady ship and boarded the dinghy when land wasn't yet in sight.

My little dinghy has gotten comfortable and has been gently drifting toward shore.  I've seen a mirage or two but land is still out of sight;  I haven't even seen an errant bird out here yet.  But today I got caught in a storm and buffeted around leaving me a bit blue around the gills.

I did fine toiling away all weekend, but somehow today was stressful.  Maybe it's because the kitchen is the heart of the home, but picking through the kitchen was difficult.  I've got kitchen stuff in the storage pod and now I'm moving another part of my kitchen to the rental house.

Boxes are everywhere and the house looks like..... well it looks like about 75 boxes are scattered in the den, kitchen and dining room!

An email from our realtors assistant got me off on the wrong foot this AM since they still haven't bothered to do a followup with the showing from last Tuesday.   After about 6 hours of packing, I was crabby (sorry Joe) and pissy (is that a word?) and by 5pm (when I was once again still in my pjs) I was having a difficult time making decisions. Where for instance did I want the cheese grater, the bread pans, the microplane, or the biscuit cutters?  As I'm typing this, I've realized that I don't have a cutting board packed.  How could I overlook something so basic?

So I'm seasick and queasy and wanting nothing more than to climb back into my safe ship, close the curtains on the portholes and lay in my bunk.  If there were even a shovelful of dirt moved out on the land I wouldn't be feeling so untethered.   Being up for a couple of hours in the night with a disoriented Mr. Biggs didn't help my state of mind.

We haven't been to Virginia and breathed the fresh air, seen our land and strolled around town since early November.  I need this upcoming trip to help me remember why I'm dismantling my life.  After a day back in Lexington,  I'll be back in the prow of my dinghy straining my eyes for the shadow of trees on the horizon.

Tomorrow is another day..... bringing Biggs to the vet, picking up the Penske, loading the truck, cleaning the house.... good thing I'm not old.  Do I hear laughter?


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