Sunday, March 6, 2011

Redbuds and Packing

Since the rest of this post is unphotogenic, I wanted to show off a little of our outdoor beauty first....  

The redbud at the corner of the parking bay is having it's showiest year ever.  We had heavy rains yesterday and this morning the ground underneath the tree looked like a purple carpet while the branches are still laden with blossoms.

We didn't see much of the redbuds (or the mayhaws which are also blooming) since we spent the weekend indoors packing.  The Penske truck is reserved for this week and we're moving a load to the rental house!

 Everything in all three attics, Owen's room, the study (aka "duck" room), guest room and loft room is ready to go downstairs.  Everything is either boxed and labeled or padded and covered with stretch wrap..... and all is entered in the Evernote database.  Upstairs will be empty except for the roll-top desk and the artwork on the walls!

Since most of the upstairs furniture nowadays is a mishmash of orphan pieces, we won't be winning any interior decorating awards when we get unloaded at the rental!

Two days of  packing had us moving slowly by the end of the weeknd!  At 6 pm Sunday night we called it quits, took showers, got dressed (yep we were still in our morning pjs and unshowered at 6pm) and went into Zachary to the Mexican place for dinner.

We'll be back to the grind again tomorrow when I'll be focusing mainly on the kitchen and such dilemmas as "Do I want the bread machine in VA or LA?"  The idea of doing without a coffee pot in VA has us both a little concerned!

On a sad note,  Mr. Biggs had a seizure on Friday night.  VERY scary.... he slid out of the bed at around 2AM (was standing up and just tipped over sideways.)  Then lay completely rigid (and I do mean rigid) and frozen for about 30 seconds on the floor while we were both almost paralyzed with fear ourselves.  I thought he had broken his neck.  Next he went totally limp....  and then I was certain that he had died.  But like the Energizer bunny he gradually came round even though he was disoriented and lilting to one side when he was finally able to walk.  He went back to sleep for 8 more hours and is now almost back to his normal self.

According to the internet it was a "classic" canine seizure and dogs can usually recover well from any side effects of the actual seizure itself.  But as far as an underlying cause, the internet says that at his age, it's usually because of the onset of something such as a brain tumor or organ failure.... not epilepsy, diabetes etc (which could be more easily treated).

I'll be bringing him into the vet tomorrow,  so will keep everyone posted on the old fellow's prognosis.  We're planning on bringing both dogs to Virginia with us this week so hopefully he'll be able to travel but a 16th birthday is looking a little doubtful.    :(

I'm typing in bed and Biggs is sleeping soundly and quietly in between us..... unlike someone else here who is snoring so loudly that it sounds as though he might be having a seizure himself!!


  1. If you mean me, . . . I want everyone to know - i do NOT snore!!!

  2. Give me an update on Mr. Biggs I am headed back to the bay area, to go back on duty. I love the pics. have a safe trip. call when you can. love you.

    PS: I wanted you to read this: This sums up how I feel.

    My Friends are stiched together with a thousand threads of feelings and shared experiences. Each is for the unfailing understanding and sympathetic fellow-creature that everybody wishes for and never find.

    I am blessed to have you!


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