Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More House Showings

Three house showings in the past week!   It's amazing what dropping below the 500K mark will do.  Total of 9 showings now not counting the repeat.

One showing last week that according to the realtor went well.  Guess what?   "They loved it".....of course.... we've yet to have anyone NOT love it.   The only negative was that they questioned the drive in to the high school for their daughter.   10 minutes??  What?

Today we had a showing in the AM and another in the afternoon.  I was still home when the couple arrived this AM since the scheduling service gave me the wrong time.  AARGH.  Anyway, I answered a few questions before vamoosing to Paige's for a visit.

Guess what?

They loved it.  sigh.....  No negatives or suggestions for change again.

This afternoon I was the one playing realtor and got to do the showing.  Our realtor and her assistant both had conflicts so they asked if I would mind being "around" to answer any questions since the buyers realtor would be present.  Be around?  You've got to be kidding!   Rather than let the other realtor who didn't know a thing about the house, barn, property lines etc bumble around like a pinball in a machine,  you know that I just took matters in hand and did the whole tour.

And if I do say so myself, I did a pretty smashing job.  The guy (he came alone) was appreciative.  Probably the first time he actually had someone "show" him things and discuss a house instead of just being left to wander around.

And guess what?  He loved it!  His realtor loved it!   Sigh.  Again.  But he really did love it.  Said that there wasn't a thing he'd change, perfect for them etc..... so we'll see what happens when his wife is in town next week.

We got an insane lowball verbal offer from the "old couple" (80 years old) and so we can pretty much officially write them off.  I swear the guy must be living in 1950 or something.  

But.....  spring is here, the place looks awesome, people are looking, we've got house plans, Tom is working on bids to see if we can afford the new place, we've got a rental that we'll be seeing soon, Mr. Biggs is still alive, the mosquitos haven't hatched out yet, Noel is pawing on my arm as I'm typing, a roast chicken is cooking in the oven,  I'm having lunch with Randy tomorrow, the laundry is all done, I'm reading another great Wallace Stegner book, the yard guy (our splurge) started back last week..... how can I complain?



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