Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Loaded and almost ready

Loading the giant (and I do mean Giant) Penske truck seemed to happen like least for me.

I managed to get Biggs to the vet and Joe to the Penske rental before a migraine totally overwhelmed me with nausea and I collapsed in the bed for 15 hours.  So when I finally was back to my normal bossy self, the truck was all loaded!!  Magic!

Joe and the two college students that he had hired worked through torrential rain (and the power being off for 5 hours) to get most of the job done.  I think he was really relieved not to have me second guessing the loading the whole time anyway!  :)

We were pretty professional with the packing strategy so we'll see how it all shakes out (literally) after being bounced around for 1,000 miles.  We used movers stretch wrap and pads on all of the furniture.... I did help with that over the weekend) and every box is labeled and numbered.

Mr. Biggs seems to be back to normal at this point, but obviously there is some reason why he had the canine version of a grand mal seizure.  I'm waiting on his lab results still and expecting a call this morning.

We've got three (!!!) people currently interested in the house.  Two couples are out of town for the rest of the week since it's Mardi Gras break here.  One couple is coming back this AM for their second look and according to the realtor have been talking to the bank about money.  So keep your fingers crossed that we get a good offer.

We're staying home until lunchtime in order to answer any questions from the potential buyers and so will need a place to sleep for the night in Northern Alabama or South TN.  Checking the internet last night, I couldn't find a thing that allowed more than one dog over 20 lbs.  With the advent of cameras and interior halls, it's pretty hard to sneak a 95 lb German Shepherd in a hotel!

We're bringing the Xterra and the Penske, so no way that we can do the trip straight leaving at noon since we can't spell each other for rest breaks.

We're dreading the night tonight.....  we're staying at an ancient Days Inn that has about an even mix of internet reviews that say "Filthy", "Awful" and "Keep Driving" as "Okay" and "Will Do in a Pinch"  ..... pray for us!

And you'd better believe I'll be checking for bedbugs!


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