Thursday, March 10, 2011

1/2 Way There

It was a clue when the arrows on the exit ramp pointed to the left for four hotels (none of which took dogs) and to the right for only one hotel (ours) on the dark half of the interstate exchange.

If we didn't have Atta with us, I'd be hesitant about being here from a safety standpoint.  But since she's the reason that we're here in the first place..... there is a certain circular logic about that but since I'm still decompressing from 9 hours of driving, I'm really not sure what I'm typing. 
The room has seen better days;  that is a colossal understatement but I'm not in the mood to dwell on what I can't change.  We knew that this was as far as we could drive today and there wasn't anything any better within 125 miles.... so here we are. 

Mr. Biggs thinks the room with it's myriad of smells is fascinating.  He's currently sound asleep and is more than satisfied with his portion of the king sized bed.  No results on his lab work yet, but no more seizures.  

If anyone is curious about why I've refused to stay in a hotel with outside doors to the parking lot for the past 10 years, ask Clark about the night in Rhode Island when he and I were afraid for our lives (and I'm not joking!)

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  1. Keep driving be safe, and it looks like the Tsunami will not wash us all off the map, but I was concerned for the safety of Otto's Dad. I sure wish I was with ya'all. I would love to be helping you both through this. Be safe Love you both.


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