Friday, February 4, 2011

Finally a fire in the fireplace....

When I did the big cleaning before we put the house on the market, in addition to clearing out the fireplace ashes, I took the doors off the fireplace and cleaned the glass until it glittered on both sides.

We've only had sporadic cold spells and somehow I just couldn't see getting things dirty.... don't know why I was being so anal about the whole not wanting to risk the house having a smoky smell etc. "just in case" we had a looker.

Well I finally reached my limit on fireplace deprivation.  I enjoy the simple act of laying the wood to build a fire.  I love the smell of the smoke, the crackling sounds and the glow in the room.  I don't care if it sucks every bit of heat from the rest of the house.    

So yesterday when it was in the 20's and damp and sleety.......

Just my luck, we'll have a looker and then one of those rare downdrafts where the den will smell like smoke for a few hours.... oh well.... too bad!

No word from the people that the realtor expected to put in an offer.  It's been several weeks, so I guess that's kaput.  Yesterday we got a call from the architect and we can't meet for about another 10 days thanks to conflicts with both of our schedules, but the end is in sight and we were given a computer link to what they've got so far on the final schematics.

Back to the fire..... it wasn't long before someone who is 15 years and 1 day old asked to have his bed moved closer ......


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