Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dueling Xterra's?

It's Feb Break for Clark, so he came home to give his mother a hug.... oh yes and also to get his new car!  

No more old gray truck,  leaky Land Rover or geriatric Tahoe for the soon to be college graduate!

In a fit of father/son bonding, they moved their cars into the parking bay, brought me the camera and requested that I take a photo and put them on the blog!  So I'm happily obliging.  

Then they decided that competing SUVs wasn't enough so they would bring in "their" pets for the photo-op's final shots.  

Would you rather ride with the trusty "tried and true" team in the charcoal model or the flashy young pair in the ruby red edition?   

They said the matching blue shirts weren't done on purpose, but it is a cute touch!

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  1. A couple of good looking guys (if I do say so myself)


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