Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Yesterday was a beautiful day in the 70's with the sun shining.... so wandered around outside taking photos  of the Camellias.  I'll lose some blooms this week since the temperature is dropping and it will be in the 20's tonight!

Crazy Louisiana weather!

Of the nine varieties that we have growing on the place, six are blooming at the moment.  What a beautiful plant and so special to be flowering when everything else is dead or dormant.

I've tried to do some research to see whether Camellias can be grown in Rockbridge County but I've found conflicting opinions.

Apparently some garden whizzes in the area such as Thomas Jefferson have been successful, but for the rest of us average folk (without slaves or garden help) they can be finicky and tricky.... which probably means that I'd better find another winter blooming plant to love!


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