Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's Happening With the Move.... or not happening.

~~~ After finishing this post, I see that it's a lot of "almosts."  So if you're in a hurry and don't want to read, here's the synopsis:  we almost have plans; we are almost are ready to rent a Virginia house; we are almost ready to fire our realtor....~~

This month is test of either looking at the glass as half full or half empty.....

The house plans are still only partially finished; we had assumed that we would have a completed set of construction documents in our hand by January 1st at the absolute latest.  At one point it had seemed possible to have the plans by July or August.  Can you say 'naive'?

On the other hand, the imaginary walls are no longer moving and it does seem that the end is in sight with only decisions to be made that can "easily" be changed on the fly once construction is closer to beginning.

How in the world did we do the plans for this house in six weeks!  Six weeks!  Using a photo from a magazine for exterior wrap around porch detail, graph paper and a draftsman that we paid $800!!  We were both 28 years old, had 2.5 kids, and no internet.  I can't imagine.

Given the glacial pace of architectural progress, hesitant as I am to throw around the term "blessing," it really is a blessing that the house hasn't sold yet.  So as depressing as it is to have had only 6 showings, if the house had sold in the summer and we were living in a rental for the past fall and winter and still without any house plans in January, we'd be pretty frazzled.  That's an understatement, we'd be depressed, aggravated, testy and anxious.

 So the time frame although slower than either of us had ever imagined is working out just fine.  If I keep saying that maybe I'll believe it!

I won't let myself think of the once seemingly realistic scenario where the plans were completed in July, the house here sold in August,  we broke ground in September and actually had WALLS in Virginia right now.  OK I'll think about it just a little.

The contract with our realtor expires in February and over yesterdays morning coffee in bed, we discussed whether to renew or find another realtor.  There are positives to both courses of action.  The communication from our realtor has been pretty nonexistent.  We don't blame her for the market, but it doesn't take much to send us updates.  And yes, we've asked.... repeatedly..... for weekly updates on what she's doing.  But the million dollar (or half million dollar) question is what other realtor is a better choice?

We're giving serious thought to finding a Virginia rental by mid March since we are hoping that we'll be breaking ground by April 1st whether we've sold here or not.  Joe is more interested in the initial construction; once I see that it's in the right spot on the land, I could be content with not being there until after the walls and roof were up.

Problems in the shape of a German Shepherd, a Jack Russell Terrier and a tabby cat make it a little hard to jet back and forth between houses.   So we'd probably have to divide and conquer and live largely apart for a few months in order to keep from piling the miles on the cars.

So that's where we are with the move..... still here and still hoping.

.... odds and ends.... Dinner last night with Tim/Ada and Matt/Suzanne.  I've been working in the gardens for the past couple of days .... pruning, raking and weeding.  Now it's bitterly cold though.... damp and windy too.  20's  forecast for the next couple of nights.  Breakfast at the Birdman yesterday with a nice long visit with several St Francisvillians.   Errands in Baton Rouge tomorrow.


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