Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weekend in the Country

Last weekend was the Third Annual Ladies Reunion Get Together at Carol B's beautiful camp.... 

Bluff at the creek
There were 8 of us there for the three day weekend:  four friends from my high school class and four from the year ahead of us.

It's a rare treat to get to spend a three day weekend discussing "life" with other women, and I'm so grateful to Carol for coming up with the idea of the mini-reunion and for being such a relaxed and gracious hostess.  We laughed and talked, got and gave advice, shared photos, and enjoyed being away from day to day demands.

Bend in the creek

I realize that I can be guilty of gushing over how great Lexington is and how excited we are about moving to Virginia so it's always nice to remind myself that there are still places in Louisiana with beauty and natural areas that are well managed.   ...... not to mention good friends!
Even when we went out for a walk, the talking didn't stop for a second!

I wonder if I was the only one who had a hoarse voice from talking so much over three days!

Carol's friend Don was kind enough to come and give us help and direction with skeet shooting  The man is a Saint..... patient to the max!!  I was using the "elephant gun" as Carol called it and so that helped my percentage of hits!  My shoulder was just barely sore from the kick, but my arms were killing me the next day from lifting the weight of the gun!  Obviously I'm horribly out of shape!

I'm hopeful that I can come back next year for Reunion #4.... it'll be an easy trip if we're still here or a long journey if we're in Virginia but I've marked it on my calendar!  


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