Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shrimp Burgers!!

I charged the battery and had the camera lying* on the island all night long.

Operative word.... ALL night long.  I forgot to take a single picture!  :(

We had John, Sue, Brian and Sharon over for dinner last night; the meal was light and easy enough that I didn't feel stuffed or worn out with making it a huge production.  My goal was to have a slightly nicer than normal weeknight dinner, relax and visit.

We had a simple light appetizer:  Apple Slices topped with Goat Cheese and a sprinkling of ground Pistachios.  New "recipe" and I'll do it again.

Found this photo of  buns from last year...
 I miss my pink tile! :(
Dinner was Shrimp Burgers with Homemade Buns.... Thanks to Mrs. Zojirushi (the bread machine) the buns are simple and spectacularly good, worth the 5 minutes to put the ingredients in the bucket and 10 minutes of shaping the dough.

This was the second time to make the Shrimp Burgers and I've gotten the amount of shrimp adjusted so the recipe is just right now and a keeper.

Sides were Mixed Greens with Feta and Red Grapes that had a Lemon/Olive Oil Vinaigrette (another idea from the Whole Foods app) and Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Salad (with cayenne/lemon/toasted sesame seeds....) served warm or at room temperature, I found the recipe last year and it gets compliments everytime I make it.

Dessert was comfort food! Individual bowls of Banana Pudding with Baked Meringue on top; another tried and true recipe.  Though it's all from scratch (NO I don't make the vanilla wafers!) it doesn't take much work .... easy!!

Anybody want a recipe?

*Clark and Raeanna, note my proper use of "lying".... I actually had to think about it!!  Is anyone else lay/lie challenged?  I've been informed by the aforementioned couple that telling dogs to "Lay down" is incorrect, but I've ordered too many dogs around over the years to change.  


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