Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Musical Cars

It's not unusual for us to play musical cars!

When Clark mentioned that the Tahoe had a hiccup at Christmas and didn't want to start moving after being shifted into Drive, visions of a new transmission ($$$) floated through Joe's brain and visions of Clark being stranded on the side of I-81 floated through my head.

As a result of these parental forebodings, Clark returned to Lexington after the Christmas holidays driving Joe's 5 month old Xterra and Joe once again became the proud driver of every middle aged man's dream:  his old white Tahoe with almost 200,000 miles.

But we'll be reclaiming the gray Xterra soon!

  The Tahoe was used for a trade-in and look what we found for Clark's early birthday/graduation/"we're glad you're our son" present.......

A spiffy new RED Xterra!

We're breaking in the engine by driving it a little until Clark can claim it in February.... a hard job but somebody has to do it!

Since Clark has always driven the oldest of the cars in the fleet, this is quite the change for him.  Good thing that he's having a little time with the gray Xterra so that he can break out of his white Tahoe persona gradually!


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