Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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It's been over two weeks since I've blogged about what we've been up to and honestly I'm having a hard time getting back into it.  I've got to break the ice somehow and so here a few highlights.....

Christmas Eve service at church was beautiful and moving.  Memories of the boys when they were younger and thoughts of former church members no longer alive made me pensive at moments and I tried to soak in the emotions and glory knowing that more than likely it would be the last time that I sat in the pew singing Christmas carols and saying the familiar prayers of the Christmas Eve Eucharist.

Santa pulled off a few surprises and tried to walk the line of financially cutting back but not causing withdrawal when compared to previous years of excess.  Lots of thought went into the gifts exchanged by the brothers on Christmas morning and it's fun to see what they've chosen to give.  Christmas dinner went off without a hitch and even was on time at a waaaay earlier hour than normal to get Clark out the door and on his way to his ski trip by early afternoon.

The day after Christmas was a bit of a letdown.  Airline woes, boredom, and expectations set too high (mine) contributed to some testy moments.   For part of the day before calling a truce and going to a movie, things disintegrated into an unhumorous blend of the Griswolds and the Fockers.   Not easy to accept when for a month you've been preparing for the arrival of the Waltons!

After the family rescattered across the country, we had our usual pleasant New Years with neighbors.  Additional friends and neighbors join us but for 25 years we've celebrated the New Year's Eve with the same core group of three couples as our constant.  We've gone to restaurants, done potlucks and changed it up from year to year, but always ending at someone's house for the final hours.  It's a perfect end to the year and I'll miss it when we move.... I hope that eventually we have such dear friends in Virginia.

When we toasted and hugged at midnight December 31, 2009 I was confident that it would be our final New Years Eve in Louisiana and yet we're still here 12 months later with a stagnant real estate market situation and no ground broken for the new house.  No moping around though!  This is a great time of year to be in Louisiana and our friends are priceless.

So here are a few photos from Christmas morning.....

A beautiful tree as usual!  
Santa finishing up his work.... in candy cane socks!  

Checking out the Santa gifts
Dropped off from the sleigh 14 years ago!


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