Saturday, December 11, 2010

Riding on the Levee

Last week we hauled into Baton Rouge and rode along the levee starting out at BREC's Farr Park and heading south.

Flat delta land and not much to see but since I have a fear of Bree's long white tresses being mistaken for a flash of deer tail in the woods, the levee is one of our few safe places to ride from now until February.

The Cottage Plantation ruins are about 3 miles down River Road (totally unrelated to the Cottage in St. Francisville).   

Built in 1824 by Colonel Abner Duncan and given as a wedding gift (!!!!) to his daughter.  It had quite a history with overnight guests including 
Andrew Jackson and Zachary Taylor, Jefferson Davis, Henry Clay, and the Marquis de Lafayette.  

Lightning was the cause of the fire which destroyed it in 1960.  Since I only remember it as ruins, I decided to do a little "googling" and enjoyed reading about the history of the grand old home.   What a wedding gift!  

Back to modern times!  Time to head for home.....

Usually we scoot down the backside at one of the breaks in the concrete reinforcements and ride along the batture (the flat land between the levee and the river) but since the weather was so fine, we stayed up top.

One big ship, a few snowy egrets, and a lone jogger were our only sightings along the levee and the river.  

After the ride, Bree and Sarge agreed to hang out under the Mississippi River bridge munching on their haybags.........

While we went into the Pastime Lounge for a pizza. 

It had been too long since I'd had a Pastime pizza .... ah REAL meat and not those nasty "meat" nuggets..... 

.... and it fit into our new goal of going to many of the special quirky places that we'll miss after we move.

*The black and white photos of the Cottage Plantation were taken in the 1930's and are from the Louisiana Historical Photographs Collection/Digital Library Collection of the Louisiana State Library.  Thanks to them for granting their permission to post them on the blog.  ..... and aren't you proud of me for asking?!


  1. I board at BREC and love riding on the levee too :) Love your blog!

  2. Thanks Emily! You're a "no reply" in your google settings so I can't answer you directly. Farr Park is a great place! I miss some of our old riding places... And Pastime pizzas!


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