Saturday, December 18, 2010

Remind me that I love him.....

I'm barely awake.  Between 10 pm and 2 am, Mr. Biggs went out approximately 8 times.  He didn't want to stay in bed and it was too cold for him to be out of it, he wanted water, he needed to pee.... he didn't know what he wanted and seemed disoriented at times.

I felt a bit like I did with a new baby trying to figure out what they wanted in the middle of the night...... sleep, food, rocking, changing, burping?  Try it all and hope that something works.  

Finally at 2 am, he decided that he was tired and he settled into his usual spot at our feet.  Cradled in the down comforter and covered up with a fleece.  It's a hard life.  At 9:30 he was still sound asleep and seemed a bit miffed when I rousted him out of the warm covers.  

Asher got this little snapshot from Carol to help him decide which of the two puppies he wanted for his birthday.  Its been almost 15 years since the little fellow on the left came to live with us.  

I suppose I can put up with some lost sleep but maybe he needs to take a vacation to visit his master in NYC?

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