Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!!

Only a few more days til Christmas!! And everyone will be here!!  I can't wait!!!

Tomorrow after a trip to Baton Rouge for a few last minute gifts, I'll be doing a little cooking.  I'm not delusional enought to think that I can do enough advance cooking to get it all or even largely done.  I know that I'll be practically living in the kitchen until everyone leaves, but my goal is to be in there leisurely cooking and not frantically trying to get things out like a short order cook.

I've still got to wrap the presents going under the tree and deliver gifts to friends and neighbors but the house is all decorated.  No surprises, all of the traditional decorations are out .....

The inn at Bethlehem is once again largely a horse operation.  

And of course Mary and Joseph have no need for a donkey. 

Not when they've got their loyal Bernese Mountain Dog hauling the milk cart. 

But one thing did change this year

..... we've got another stocking on the mantel!!!!! 

Before anyone asks, no I didn't sew Kathleen's stocking!  My needle and thread are retired or at least on extended sabbatical.  But it was bought with love.... does that count?!!!  


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