Saturday, December 18, 2010

House Showing #6

After over 2 months without hearing from our realtor --we won't count the panicked call in November needing us to fax in a signature since the listing was expiring that day-- we finally had another house showing last week.  Can you say, "Surprise!"?

That night was the Christmas party for the St Francisville book group and I was bringing a Shrimp Mold.  It was going to be a leisurely day.... a little cooking, laundry, perhaps some yard work and some internet shopping.  Ah, the best laid plans!

At 9:45 am I was still in my flannel pj pants and was about halfway through making breakfast.  I had splattered grease everywhere by frying sausage and the island was blanketed with the fixings for Cornmeal Pecan Waffles.

Joe took the call from the realtor who wanted to do a showing in 4 hours.  FOUR hours!!  What happened to the 24 hour notification clause?

You could hardly see concrete or bricks in the yard because of the leaves; a hard freeze days before had turned the flowers and sweet potato vines around the pool into ugly mush; tumbleweeds of German Shepherd hair were blowing everywhere in the den;  the kitchen looked like an episode of hoarders was being filmed;  I had to get the shrimp mold made and in the refrigerator so that it could congeal; we were hungry for the breakfast that was half made; neither of us had showered, our lone decoration was out of season.... a dead Chrysanthemum on the front porch.  But hey, sure bring 'em over!

I took a deep breath and decided that since I had the eggs separated and the waffle iron already on the stove, we might as well cram in some breakfast before we went into overdrive.

Time to call in reinforcements!  Thankfully Paige has fallen for the Tom Sawyer idea that using my central vacuum is fun.  Being both a good friend and a good sport, she cheerfully agreed to come and join the insanity as we blasted around the house while Joe mowed and blew and tried to reclaim the wilderness outside.

I was hoping that if the potential buyers were Jewish, they might be charmed by the lack of holiday decorations.  But since we didn't even have a menorah, I went in the attic and tore into a few Rubbermaid tubs.  I had just enough time to stick the front door wreath on, fill the staircase cones with the ornaments, and put a holiday tablecloth on the porch table.

"They loved it".... that's the standard report from our realtor after every showing.  What else is new?
Though this time, they brought a western/wildfire country attitude with them and questioned why we didn't have a sprinkler system in the house!  What??!!!

Even after all this time on the market, it would throw me into a tailspin if I knew that I was turning over the keys of the house to someone.  St Joseph can stay in his state of hibernation.  A sale in March would be perfection... I think I'll be mentally ready then.  I hope.


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