Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Sleepless Night

I can't blame it on Mr. Biggs this time.  Though he hogged the bed and snored and wheezed for most of the night (actually someone else was also snoring and wheezing in the bed so it was a veritable symphony), Mr. Biggs only asked to go out once last night at midnight.  However, I was awake for hours.

In an effort to be thoughtful, not to mention taking literally the "letting sleeping dogs lie" maxim, I didn't want to disturb the two snorers by switching on the beside lamp in order to read my book.  Consequently, I spent hours last night basking in the glow of my iphone reading the BR Advocate and the New York Times and playing Solitaire and Sudoku.

I enjoy the NY Times, but after an hour or so I had read my favorite sections and was left with such page turners as "Celebrations and Weddings" and "Automobiles"  I could have finished Dorian Gray and instead I read about the weddings and courtships of perfect strangers and the new updates to the Ford Explorer.

Save me from iphone radiation.  If there are any procrastinating shoppers out there, would someone please give me a book light for Christmas!


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