Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yes, it was boring.

Yep, the previous post was a snoozer. When I pushed the publish button after midnight I thought as much. I'm still feeling my way along on how much of this is a journal and how much I'm writing for others.

The lack of regular commments encourages me to feel that I'm the only one reading what I've written. When I lean that way it's easy to just write a factual daily diary that in the end I'm not even interested in reading.

Oh well on with a shortened version of the rest of the trip....

We stopped just south of Charlottesville at Albemarle Ciderworks, a small family owned business which makes and bottles hard sparking cider. There were no tours of the production area, but we spent a pleasant time in the tasting room. We left with a case of hard cider in an assortment of their varieties which ranged from very dry to slightly sweet.

After years of having access only to grocery store cider purchased in Louisiana, the gallon of fresh cider that we bought was like drinking bright, fresh apple essence.

I hadn't called ahead to our next stop on the way towards Lexington, Alberene Soapstone, so the hour that they spent showing us through the cutting and finishing area was a boon. I plan on using soapstone for the kitchen counters and would prefer to buy a local product rather than Brazilian stone.

The Alberene quarry is the only producing soapstone quarry in the US ..... and it's less than 100 miles from Lexington!

Though we thought we were in the middle of nowhere at Alberene Soapstone, to our surprise we came upon Walton's Mountain about 5 minutes later. Yes, THE Waltons Mountain.  Hmmm... perhaps that means we really were in the middle of nowhere!!

Schuyler VA was probably a more happening place back in the 30's when Ike Godsey had the pool table in the general store. Now it appears to be just a fork in the road clinging to the fading fame brought to it by its only famous citizen, author Earl Hamner.

The house that Earl Hamner grew up in (and presumably said "Good-night" to his many siblings from within.....the Walton's was a semi-autobiographical depiction of his childhood) was there along with a sad "country store" next door. The later was just a place to buy Waltons memorabilia.... Country or general store was a misnomer.

If the rude young store owner would have bothered to speak, we might have learned that just around the bend in the other direction was a Waltons museum that might have been worth a visit. Instead I learned about it hours later on the Internet. Too bad he spent the time talking loudly on the phone about his strategies and troubles trying to score Waltons eBay geegaws.

Who knows, if he had even nodded hello, I might have bought everyone "Goodnight John-boy" coffee mugs for Christmas! Maybe it's for the best that he ignored us!

A beautiful winding drive across the Blue Ridge Mountains from Amherst brought us into Lexington on Wednesday night. A brief text from an obviously annoyed Clark told us that he (and a professor and another student) had missed their flight leaving the Geology symposium in Denver.

It may have been a tossup as to who had a more spartan night ahead of them: Clark at the Denver airport or Joe and I at the Lexington Comfort Inn. I bet Clark had a way bigger TV....but it did pass the bedbug check so all was well! Ah for another night at the Omni!


  1. are you getting these????????????????????????

  2. Okay something is screwy, I am writng post and this is the first one I have even seen. Love ya Cath

  3. Get your butt out and walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Woohoo..... Cathy learned how to comment! Now I may never shut you up!

  5. I can comment too! Although some of us are busy and have to work. Unlike some old retired people who just get to drive around and build houses. Love- #3


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