Monday, November 8, 2010

Second Thoughts about Moving? Yes, But Only Briefly

Thursday was a gray drizzly day in Lexington.  The Comfort Inn had declined since our last stay there two years ago.... thin sheets, dingy pitiful towels... and since I'm not too picky about hotels, this is saying something.  Adding to the gloomy feel, Clark was still stuck in Denver and so wasn't yet in town for Parent's Weekend.  We didn't want to go out to the land in the rain.  We browsed in a few shops, took a drive, had some coffee and then were at a loss for what to do with ourselves.  We were not really "Parents" since we had no son and not townsfolk either..... betwixt and between.

When we went back to the hotel after supper, I was feeling a little blue.... "Were we making the right decision?" was definitely circulating around in my brain.

Late that evening, we heard from Clark who had just gotten in from the airport.  He was frazzled but wanted to come by the hotel room for a quick visit.  I do love that young man!

Friday morning dawned and it was a new day!  Our last Parent's Weekend.... at various universities, we've had 16 of them!!!

We stayed awake during Chemistry on Friday where I relearned about gas laws and equations that I once knew 35 years ago.  Of the 25 students in Chemistry, most of them had parents tagging along for class.  We never went to class at Vandy or Hendrix, but it's a quirky W&L thing that I've loved doing.

While in town and on campus, I had a bit of fun with the people-watching game "Parent or Grandparent?"  I suppose because of the cost of the university, many W&L's parents are older..... some MUCH older..... more than a few would be pushing the limits of biological possibility if it weren't for that younger second wife!

After lunch at Wood's Creek Grocery, we happily bid farewell to the Comfort Inn and drove to the home of our host couple for the next two nights.  Last week I had contacted the local Habitat for Humanity group which runs a program through the University to host parents at private homes in exchange for a donation.   Over 40 rooms were filled and the Habitat chapter made over 10K for the weekend!

We were matched with Thom and Lornie who were absolutely delightful.  I could write pages and still not clearly express how much we enjoyed both their company and the chance to stay in their beautiful home!  Coincidentally (I think it's a small-town conspiracy!) our number one choice for contractor was the builder of their home and so we grilled them incessantly about construction details.   Their property was also a treasure:  views, woods, a path down to the river, close to town yet quiet.

I was heartened that the house had been built while they were living out of state with Lornie making only sporadic visits during construction.    Get busy St. Joseph!!   I'm ready to start building!!!!

It was a strange Parents Weekend as Clark was busy trying to get caught up with schoolwork after being away for a week.  We decided not to go to the football game by ourselves (Clark was making up a Chemistry lab I think) and instead went out to the property to fight the second battle of the Cedar Wars!

Joe tackled the bigger trees with the chainsaw and I took care of anything less than about 2" in diameter with the big loppers.  The pine saplings are thanking us for giving them room to breathe.
Liberated baby pine saplings on the right!

Saturday night was the highlight of the trip:  Southern Comfort's performance at the A Capella Concert!!  Clark was the President of the group this year.... have I mentioned that I'm a bit proud of him?  They were GREAT as usual and I was smiling during the whole concert.

Clark is the fourth from the left....listen for the low bass sounds!  

Dinner at the bar at the Southern Inn Two.

Back to our lovely room at Thom and Lornies.

Goodbyes came too soon and we were back on the Interstate Sunday AM.

Fifteen hours later we turned into the driveway at 11pm and were bowled over in the door by a pair of happy dogs and a cat!


  1. Clark,nice work that must be your sexy voice you use on the girls!!!!!!! Grace are you replacing Otto & I for your new found friends???Everything happens for a reason. I am so happy you were able to see your builders work, that should calm your nerves.I am pretty certian you did not receive a few of my post..Operator Error..So again I say to the entire family if St Joseph gets the job done before the Christmas Holiday, you are all invited to the Sierra Mountain humble hideaway.Love to all BTW I am freezing my ass of as we speak, ok maybe only part of it.But still 31% last evening.With snow in the high country.

  2. I have an agreement with St Joseph that he's not working until after Christmas.
    How can anyone replace my best friend?? !!!


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