Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Off to Virginia! First stop: Vine Brothers in Centreville MS

A photo essay of our first two days on the road.

Leaving the house at noon on Sunday gave us an added perk:  we could drive the back roads and have lunch at Vine Brothers in Centreville, Mississippi!  

From the outside, it looks like any Mobil gas station on the side of the road.  

But in a side room off the quick-stop is home-cooked southern comfort food heaven! 

The daily buffet is just as delicious, but there are a few extras on the Sunday spread.

It had been almost a year since our last trip to Vines so we had to load up on everything.  

Notice Joe opening his Splenda to save a few calories in his iced tea!  And yes, he still went back for seconds!

The corn pudding was so good that I had seconds and I was wishing that I could have fit in more chicken and dumplings.... and more roast and gravy.... and more lima beans.....

For dessert, who can decide between peach or blackberry cobbler?  
So of course, I had both!  Hey, I held back and didn't have banana pudding too!  

One thing about gorging ourselves at a late lunch was that we didn't need to stop for supper during the rest of the days drive.  At almost 11pm, we called it quits and spent the night on the east side of Chattanooga.  

When we pulled into Lexington on Monday afternoon, our first stop was our land on Elliot's Hill Road! 

Still beautiful as ever.

 After walking on the hillside and down along the woods edge for a bit, we dropped off a few more things at the storage pod..... including the mailbox!  So sad to see everything waiting patiently in there!

Next it was off to the Southern Inn II for an early dinner with nearby Lexington neighbors Alec and Linda whom we've enjoyed getting to know over the past year.  

It was our first Southern Inn dinner since the fire that caused them to have to move from the classic old downtown location into temporary digs at the old Hunan Restaurant behind Donny T's.   We knew that it wouldn't have the atmosphere of the old place, but thankfully the food was just as delicious.  I was happy with my choice:  a cashew encrusted sauteed trout filet with local yellow string beans.  Joe went for an old faithful:  Southern Inn Meatloaf.

Great conversation at dinner, then we got back on the Interstate and pointed the Xterra toward Charlottesville.  Linda had mentioned that they had stayed at the Omni located on the pedestrian shopping mall.  So when it came up on my Kayak search as both highly rated and not outrageous in price midweek, we decided to splurge and stay there for two nights.

Our room was lovely and that made it a little hard to do our cursory new "check-in habit."  OK.... laugh if you will, but after hearing and reading about the horrors of bedbugs (especially on the east matter how nice a hotel)  we have agreed to "bring out the Grandma" in ourselves and look over the bed, mattress etc before settling into a room.  

At 10:30 we were happily settled in and asleep in minutes!  Much nicer than the Cleveland TN Comfort Inn from the night before!  And yes, we did the bedbug check there too!  

More adventures to come....


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