Sunday, October 31, 2010

Yellow Leaf Festival

We had a fun morning in St. Francisville on Saturday at the Yellow Leaf Festival.  There were about 40 artists displaying under the oaks at Parker Park.

The weather couldn't have been more beautiful.  We had a hard time focusing on shopping though since every few minutes we would bump into friends we hadnt seen lately from St Francisville who would ask "When are you moving?"!!  If we only knew!

This is Dunbar  McCurley  (don't you love both the name and the awesome brown coveralls?)..... he is a Veterinarian from Woodville MS and began making bowls about 18 years ago in his spare time.

And wait.... is that someone we recognize making a purchase in the background???

We bought a few Christmas presents and also purchased a painting for ourselves.  We've decided that it will be our lone Christmas present to each other this year.  It was painted by Martha Singer who attends Grace Church with us.... here she is with it.....
It has some texture and metallic gold that makes it shimmer a bit.... I fell in love with it!  Now the dilemma is whether to pack it up right away or hang it here to enjoy until we move.


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