Monday, October 4, 2010

No one treated me to a movie today....

I wish that there had been a few helpers here today for cleaning day.  I'd have sprung for a movie like the old days!  I didn't finish til after 4pm so I didn't set any records!

Though he's getting accomplished at running the vacuum,  my only remaining assistant had an orthodontist appointment and so sadly (sarcasm inserted) missed out on all the fun.  Since the appointment was at 10:30 and he arrived back home at 4:45, I'd say he's fine-tuning the art of staying away on Monday cleaning day!

The dishwasher is in and doesn't leak, so I can't complain.... (much)!

Bizarre occurrence next door at the Down's house this afternoon.  Melinda called asking for "back-up" as she had just arrived home to find a window broken out in the den (double paned glass with a screen).  Glass pieces were all the way across the room and even a few shards in the foyer.  Other than glass everywhere the den wasn't too bad.

However, the kitchen had blood on the floors and on the window seat, plants all turned over, pots broken.  Pottery shards, dirt, plants and blood smeared and mixed everywhere in the kitchen.  A real sight to see.... astonishing.

Minnie (small Schnauzer) had been in all day anyway, but Rocky (Giant Schnauzer) was inside when Melinda got home.  Obviously he had come in through the window, but neither dog seemed to have any cuts.

So what had done all of  the bleeding?   And was it still in the house somewhere?  We did some conjecturing about a squirrel, raccoon, chipmunk etc getting smashed through the window by Rocky, none of which seemed very plausible especially since all of the blood was at counter level and below and any of those critters probably would have done some running around on the counter.

Then I saw two slightly bigger pools of blood on the rug at the kitchen sink.  And right in the middle of each little pool was a small cloven hoof mark.  Tiny.  Less than 2".

So unless Minnie and Rocky decide to spill the beans, we'll never know exactly what happened.  Did Rocky chase the baby fawn through the window?  Did it just bust through and then manage to get back out after getting run around by Minnie?   Not enough blood for a massacre by the dogs.  No fur or "parts".  But no blood outside the window on the patio or by the pool where it would surely have left some blood on the way out.  Very, very strange goings on here on Bickham Road!!!

Here's my photo of the day titled "Looks Can be Deceiving"   All curled up together, it looks like they are the best of friends doesn't it?

In reality, Smudge knows just what buttons to push!  Noel was sound asleep when Smudge darted in through the open door from the barn.   With a whole house full of cozy spots to curl up on, she horned in next to snoozing Noel and proceeded to wash her paws while laying on her back.

As soon as Noel awoke there was great indignation, hissing and mean stares from Noel.  In Noel's mind, Smudge has absolutely NO business in the house.   Life should be great fun in our rental house!

I'm not sure I blame Noel.  I don't know that I'd be associate with Smudge either.... she is a bit wild and crazy loooking!  Those eyes!!!!


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