Sunday, October 31, 2010

Heading to VA!

We'll be hitting the road in about 2 hours!!  The bags are packed and we just need to give the house a quick vacuuming in case a miracle occurs and we have a showing while we're away!

The first time that we left after placing the house on the market,  everything was in perfect order.  Our standards have definitely relaxed.  Yesterday afternoon we worked raking, blowing and sweeping outdoors and today we'll just give things a quick touch up before heading out the door.

Biggs and Atta are expecting to go along, but not this time.  Biggs especially wanted to be sure that no one forgot him.   This in NOT a posed photo!!

We won't be in Lexington (other than a quick pass through) until Thursday.  The plan is to spend a couple of days in Charlottesville.

It's our LAST Parent's Weekend!  ;(

OMG..... do you think I need to bleach my teeth before I get there????


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