Saturday, October 9, 2010

Burying St. Joseph

I've known about the practice of burying a St. Joseph statue in order to ensure a house sale, but since I've never sold a house this was a first burial for me.  In addition to being the patron saint of fathers, St. Joseph also has a handle on home sales; I imagine this is due to his profession as a carpenter.  I assumed that this was largely a South Louisiana tradition; however, since a St. Joseph home sale "kit" can be bought on ebay, news of the tradition has obviously spread!

When we first listed the house I went to online to buy my St. Joseph and expected to buy a nice-sized least 12" or more, perhaps made of plaster, multi-color etc.  No..... The ebay version is only 3.5"!!! Smaller than my index finger!!  

I was assured by my Catholic advisor, (Cathy) who btw with the aid of St. Joseph sold her last house in three days, that size doesn't matter.  Even so I just couldn't bring myself to order such a tiny little thing.  So I did what I often do best and procrastinated.

I should have known that she wouldn't forget.   Cathy's parting words before she and Otto drove away yesterday were an explicit directive to get myself to a religious store and then put St. Joseph in the ground!  

Following orders from a very adamant Cathy,  Joe and I drove to Baton Rouge on Friday afternoon.  These were the choices at the local Catholic gift store.....   

The boxed version on the left is the same tiny one that you can find on ebay.  We decided to go with the 7" model on the right.  Somehow it just seemed more appropriate.  

Less than ten minutes after pulling away from the store, I got a call from the showing service that a realtor wanted to bring a client to see the house on Monday!!!!  

Coincidence?  Remember this will only be our 5th showing in almost 6 months.  

Was it also coincidence that just as we began to dig the hole, a car stopped and the driver said he was doing a drive-by to look at the house having seen it online?  

The guy wanted to know what we were doing out there digging a hole.  St. Joseph was enjoying a last bit of sunshine leaning next to the signpost stakes.  Busted!  And since the prospective buyer turned out to be clueless about St. Joseph, we may have looked a bit like voodoo kooks with our plastic icon!  Oh well!  It will be interesting to see if the guy actually comes for a showing.  

We said a prayer when we covered up our plastic saint and then spent the rest of the day watering the gardens and getting ready for Monday's showing.  

Thank you in advance St. Joseph!

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  1. I just read this post. Wow that pretty convincing evidence for burying a St. Joseph.

    Can you do the same thing if you are trying to sell a car? Hide it in the trunk or spare tire or something. That might have come in handy back when the Simcoe Fleet was still 8 cars strong.


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