Friday, October 1, 2010

Birthdays, Food and Fires

We had a fun evening last week at Matt and Suzanne's celebrating Ada's 71st birthday.  It can be hard to catch Ada between trips for work... in addition going here and there in the US, she had just gotten back from a consultation in American Samoa and was planning a trip to Switzerland!  It's refreshing to know someone who enjoys their work and makes a difference in people's lives.

Matt cooked the main dish and made the BEST fried catfish topped with crawfish etouffee that I've ever tasted!

I've been enjoying cooking the past week.  I got motivated to make an apple pie since I had a new crust recipe that I was itching to try out.  We asked Sue in to join us for a piece after we saw her out on the street while we were all walking the dogs.

Atta's reaction was priceless when Travis and Beau (Shelties) and Alledah (Cavalier King Charles) came into the house after we all walked up the driveway together.   She was Sooooo excited.  She literally ran around the island a few times after we all came in through the porch door and you could just practically hear her thoughts...."Friends!  I've got friends over!!!"  She was grabbing squeeky toys and just beside herself.  What a sweetheart of a dog!

Our dramatic news was that last Saturday PM, we came close to having a house fire.  I had started the dishwasher at around 9 pm and we had gone back to watch the rest of the LSU football game on the bigger screen in bed.  At around 11, Joe was the first to smell something and when we went out to investigate,  the dishwasher was smoking and unresponsive to shutting down.  Reading 72 minutes to go on a 54 minute cycle that should have ended an hour earlier!
Since we smelled the awful smell through the closed hall door and way back  in our bedroom, you can imagine how bad it was.  There isn't much to actually ignite in a dishwasher since it's all stainless steel and plastic, but the plastic was doing a fine job of melting and giving off the most noxious odor you can imagine.

I'm sure that at some point, it would have caught the surrounding cabinetry on fire.   Here's the goopy control module that was inside the door.... we were very lucky!  The smoke alarm hadn't gone off yet and that has me wondering if plastic smoke is different from wood smoke as far as a detector is concerned.... anybody know?

I had never thought to worry about a 5 year old dishwasher.  Prorated out, the stupid thing cost us about 150.00 per year just to own!   I've stopped letting the ancient clothes dryer run when I'm away, but never gave a second thought to pushing the dishwasher button and walking out the door.

After googling "GE dishwasher fire" to see if we were part of any recalls, I was horrified to see that GE's are all over the internet for melting and catching fire.  We weren't part of the GE recall 3 years ago involving 2.5 million machines catching on fire, but perhaps we should have been.

Even if I could have gotten some money from GE via a recall, I'll never have GE another after seeing those google results and reading story after story similar to ours.  The living area of the house still smells bad so I'm hoping that we don't have any showings this weekend.  I've had the windows open (it's been wonderfully cool here this week) and almost exhausted every candle that I own, even so it still smells pretty putrid 6 days later.

Here is the appliance technician working as I type on the installation of the new Kitchenaid.....

Good thing I'm not paying by the hour!  :)

OH!!  I almost forgot I wanted to tell everyone how delicious wild Alaskan salmon is.... especially when you know the fisherman!

I cooked the first pieces the other day and the texture and flavor were out of this world.  If you are reading this Carter, I should have sprung for buying a box and having you ship it to us.

I made a Mango Jalapeno Relish to go on the side and it was a great complement.  I'll be rationing out the remaining salmon meals carefully!

Raeanna is visiting Clark for the weekend.  Owen and Kathleen are going to the "Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival" at Golden Gate Park.  (Go hear the Avett Brothers for me!).  Not sure what Asher and Carter are doing??


  1. I didn't say I did fast work . . . just good work ! JOE

  2. Asher is just hanging around this weekend and enjoying the first day with sun that we've had in about 6. I practically had to swim to work yesterday.

    I usually hate living in an apartment without a dishwasher, but now I know that I've got one less thing that can catch on fire!


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