Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Beautiful Ride in the Tunica Hills

I've been busy this week....

Attended the evening Classics book group up in St Francisville where we discussed Richard III by Shakespeare.  Another of my literature gaps, so I'm glad I read it.  The St Francisville group is a big one, we had about 18 people there.... men and women many of whom I know from church.

While I was at my book group trying to keep the kings, queens and princes of England straight, Joe was at his weekly poker night!

In addition to getting "beautified" at Nona's salon with new highlights and a cut (have to look good for Parent's Weekend!), I got in touch with my inner handywoman and put a coat of topdressing sealer on the wood floors; time flies, since it has been a year since we refinished them!  They were beginning to dull a little and look great now.  Took the "lazy" way out and did things in thirds, so we didn't have to shift all of the furniture out at one time.

Noel went back to the Animal Center to be certain that her infection is cleared up.... She's doing much better.... thanks for asking, Owen!  

If anyone has noticed that the walking ticker has barely budged, I had a horrible sore throat for days.  Just when I was about to break down and go to the doctor, I was able to swallow again.  So I'm back on the trail of my ipod.  

I'm not the only one who needs exercise!  Look at that belly!!  

Yesterday we had a glorious ride up on the old Tunica Road just north of St Francisville.   The old sunken roadbed cuts through the state run Tunica Wildlife Management Area.  

We had planned on only riding the road and not going into the WMA trails since we're still just moseying along and trying to get back in shape.  Good thing that we weren't planning on riding the trails since I had forgotten that it was bow season.  We saw about 12 trucks parked, so the hunters were out in force.

Our only wildlife spotting was two armadillos (and a dead deer strapped to the back of an ATV.)  

Funny moment was when we saw a large van coming down the road and lo and behold it was a FedEX van!!  He stopped and spoke for a moment, since I recognized him as one of our delivery men for the house.  He had been at Angola and was taking the 10 mile shortcut through the WMA to get to the first house on the other side.  

                                              The photos are all of the road.... this is not a trail!

I can't think of a better way to spend the afternoon!   And did you notice??  It's our first cool day, we're wearing longsleeves!!!  

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  1. rode down that road many times heading to town, the back way!


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