Friday, October 22, 2010

As Crazy as Me?

Why do I love Cathy and Otto?  Perhaps because they are as crazy as us.

It didn't seem bizarre in the slightest that on a whim Cathy and Otto decided to swing back through Baton Rouge on their way home to California.

That they would trade cars and swap out the reliable Honda for Alysse's older Jeep.

Go to a place on Airline Highway and purchase a flatbed trailer.

Meet us at the storage unit in Baton Rouge and reclaim the Triumph project car (all in pieces) which they  had left behind/given to Joe 9 years ago when they moved to CA.

And finally haul it all back to California to the mountain house where they have no garage space.

Neither did it seem insane to any of the concerned parties that Grace and Joe had stored the car in a rental warehouse (along with two other TRs of their own) for 9 years and never touched it.   To be accurate, it was "only" in the warehouse for about 8 years and then when the warehouse was sold, Joe moved it all to the storage unit for the past year.

All perfectly normal behavior.

Here we are ready to go out for a drive.  All that Otto needs to do is put back on the seats, wheels, frame,  engine.....

And may I add that I'm proud that despite our deceivingly middle-aged appearances, we (Otto and Joe helped just a little) got the car, frame, engine and 20 assorted boxes of parts loaded with a minimum of strain.  Okay, ignore Otto's sweaty shirt.... Cathy and I were barely damp.

I love those two characters!


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