Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Walking for a new ipod

The last time that I did more than stroll (other than when Cathy tried to kill me on a forced exercise walk in San Francisco) was before I turned 40.  Do the math.... that's almost ancient history!  I thought it would be neat to celebrate that milestone by getting in the best shape of my adult life and entering a 5K walk/run on the week of my 40th birthday.  So a few months before the big day, I started walking and then doing a little jogging.  I used to walk regularly  before Clark was born, so this wasn't total lunacy.  

I had slowly built up my pace and total mileage and I was doing about half running and half fast walking for a 5K distance when shortly before my birthday, disaster struck and to my disgust I was instantly in the WORST shape of my adult life!  That morning I had felt a few minor twinges of something in my left knee at the beginning of the route, and then about 5 minutes into the walk,  the left knee just gave out.  I could barely get home and on my birthday I was walking like I was 80.  It was the ultimate backfire and to this day both knees still sound like they have gravel in them.

Despite the sound and rough rotation,  I haven't had any pain.  That is until today.  

I decided to take action, literally, in order to lose a few pounds and more importantly gain some stamina.  Riding is fine for the muscles and balance, but doesn't do a thing for your lungs!  When we visit Virginia, it's pretty pitiful to be out of breath after walking on even a slight slope for more than a minute.   I really want to do a lot of walking and some hiking after we move, so it is time to  suck it up, stop waiting for the cool weather that may never arrive, and work on getting in better shape now.  

Today was Day One..... What a revelation!!! I had no clue how different it would be to walk with music!!  I had thought that letting my mind wander and listening to the birds and nature sounds was my ideal way to walk but I'll never exercise in silence again.  I'm an earbud convert!  I was rocking along to a Genius classic rock mix and had to stop myself from singing outloud and acting crazy more than once! 

I've bought new walking shoes, a pair of track pants and socks this week (thank you Zappos!) so I'll keep listening to the iphone for now.  But here's my motivator:  after 30 separate days of walking,  I'm going to the Apple Store and buying a new Nano!!  The click wheel on my red Nano is broken which makes it pretty useless anywhere other than in the Mini with the steering wheel stereo controls.   So I sort of "need" another ipod.  Right?   

There's a countdown ticker on the bottom of the blog page.  Does anyone want to take bets on how long it will take?   

If anyone does decide to wager on the outcome, I'll be honest and admit that  I'm wondering if I'll be able to go much past Walking Day Number One.  Toward the end of this mornings walk, I had a twinge or two in my knee and about 30 minutes after coming inside, it was really beginning to bother me.  Just sitting here on the sofa, it's been throbbing  and I'm not sure what will happen after another day. 

Oh well!  Positive thinking!!  

Those pretty Nano colors!  I'm not an orange person.  Too old for pink.  Already have red.  Purple, yellow, green or blue?  


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