Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Ups and Downs of Selling the House

I had gotten used to the idea of happily spending another Christmas in the house.  I was beginning to think that it might be safe to start looking at airline tickets for kids to come home for the holidays.  The weather was beginning to get a touch (a VERY little touch) cooler.  Clark would have another semester without us being in "his" town.  I could ease back onto the ebay/craigslist bandwagon and leisurely get rid of the last of the "stuff."   Plans for the new house were slooooowly coming along.  There were many reasons that it just seemed wise and natural to plan on being here for the winter-- or at least through the holidays.  

After all people haven't been exactly beating down the doors to come and view the house.

Then we got a call for another showing and were back in turmoil again.  Strangely my reaction to this showing was unlike any other.  Instead of being excited or hopeful, I was a bit perturbed.  Neither of us were sure that we really wanted to sell at this particular time and so we grudgingly cleaned things up and left for the morning.   

Did I really want to leave in six weeks?  Could we get it done?  Though I've sold a lot of things and the attic is looking positively empty.... well sort of!  There is a LOT to still sell.... saddles, Triumph stuff, extra china, toys (anybody want a giant Pink Panther?).  And then there is the actual packing and loading and unloading that we'll need to do.  It can be daunting to think about.

After the showing, we got the realtor's report and heard that the couple, who were expecting a baby in December, liked the house but would be unable to do anything for at least two weeks due to being out of town.  I began to come around to the possibility that these might be "the ones" to buy the house.  Probably knowing that there would be kids in the house made this more appealing to me and I began to prepare myself for an actual offer on the house.  

Then the two week window came........ and, as of this afternoon, went.  

So here I am sitting on the front porch enjoying a cool breeze and back to happily thinking that we'll be here for the holidays.  Back to assuming that Clark's nonrefundable ticket that he bought to go skiing (BR to CO) won't cause him to have to spend Christmas with the Steibs!   Back to thinking that Kathleen will get to spend more time getting to know the place that has meant so much to Owen.  Back to wondering if we should stick with our current realtor or switch agents at the end of our six month contract in November.  Trying to decide about flying or driving to Parent's Weekend the first weekend in November.  Guess I'll buy those tickets for the symphony's holiday concert at the church.  

Oh wait.... someone just stopped and got a flyer.  Seriously, I'm not making this up!  Nice car, but an old couple (mid 50's, ha!)........ they should save it for a young family.   I want kids laughing and tearing the place up when I'm gone.  


  1. I hated that pink panther... Gave me nightmares...

  2. I'm so excited!!!! A comment! Yes, I remember when you were home for college and I found the pink panther moved into the attic because you didn't want him watching you. He'll be going on ebay if I can find a big enough box.

  3. You would remember about the neck! I still think a Pink Panther collector (everyone must collect something!) would buy him. Back in the 80's, the PP was Safeco Insurance's version of the Geico Gecko and they sent him to the office as part of a promotion. So he's a bit unusual.... as Pink Panthers go.


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