Friday, September 3, 2010

A Mattress Story..... Who'd Have Thought?

Is there a "Mattress Police"?  What is the deal with the  "Not to be Removed.... etc" tag?  Read on....

We bought our Simmons Black Label mattress set two years ago and paid a small fortune for it.  More than I'd have ever have thought that a mattress could cost.  How mattresses have come to cost so much in comparison with other home goods is a mystery.

We convinced ourselves that as part of our bedroom renovation, we "needed" not only a bigger bed but a top quality mattress since Joe's hip was in its final stages of residing inside his body and he was miserable at night.

Sweet Dreams Mattress (internet company and brick/mortar store in NC) gave me spot-on advice about different models, free white glove delivery.... and no sales tax.  Even before Joe's hip replacement, he got better sleep on the new Simmons Black Label and though I'm still not convinced that we should have spent so much for it, it has been ultra comfortable for both of us.

So last month when I was doing the weekly sheet changing and saw Joe's side of the bed sunken down a little and the sidewall bowed out about 3 inches,  I was horrified!  First step was a call to Sweet Dreams, who discussed my options.  Armed with my new found knowledge, I called Simmons and was promptly emailed a letter detailing what I should do to start a warranty claim.

In addition to some paperwork,  I was to take a series of specific photos and then if it was merited,  a representative would be sent out to inspect the mattress.

I got my email and began to read.  There was a laundry list of photos needed.... Top, sides, foundation, slats,  photos of the problem area which included measuring tapes and straight edges etc.

And OMG!!!  They wanted photos of both the "Not to be Removed Except by Consumer" tag and the floppy satin side label!

Not just photos of the tag in any sort of capacity.  Photos of the tag and label both FIRMLY ATTACHED to the mattress!!!!

My heart sunk to my toes.  I remembered after getting the mattress thinking that since the crunchy consumer tag was right under the pillow area, I should just take it off.

It doesn't say,  "Not to be removed except by a consumer who no longer cares if their warranty will be voided if this tag is removed."  To my amazement, I had no claim if those labels weren't "firmly" sewn on!

I went back to the bedroom, yanked off the sheets and thank heavens both labels were still there.  I believe that after delivery, I had given one of them a tug and then was afraid that I might damage the seam so I left them alone.  Disaster averted.

With some contortions worthy of a Twister game including a mattress, boxspring and a camera we got the photos taken.   I'm not sure what an elderly person who didn't have a digital camera, email and the strength to haul an 18" mattress around would have done.

Simmons agreed after seeing the photos that they would give us a replacement.  They wouldn't even need to take the step of sending a representative out for a visual inspection.  But if those labels hadn't been still sewn in place, we wouldn't be getting a new mattress!

This morning, we mailed away the final paperwork AND.... the labels! 

I was more than a little hesitant when I started snipping with the scissors but according to my last letter from Simmons, both tags must be in their possession via Certified Mail before they'll release the new mattress for delivery.   

Who would have thought?  Leave those mattress labels on until told otherwise!!!


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