Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Carter's Quick Visit

Carter was here on a whirlwind visit.  I had hoped he'd stay longer, but I know that he needs to get back to Arkansas and find a place to rent.

We picked him up at the airport on Monday, he caught up on his sleep on Tuesday and then hit the road for Little Rock this morning.  

I wish I had thought to take some photos while he was vacuum sealing the salmon that he brought back from Alaska.  When I saw the box on the luggage carousel, I never imagined that one medium sized cardboard box could hold so many salmon steaks!   They're a brilliant shade of .... yes, salmon.  He left us enough for several meals and I can't wait to taste it.  I'll have my fingers crossed that I can do it justice when I cook it.   

He headed out this morning right after I snapped this picture......


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