Saturday, August 14, 2010

We Have a Pod

Last month we made the drive to Virginia with the big trailer in tow and our first load of things we can/can't live without.  Extra shovels, pots, Legos, the red rocking horse, 14 pink flamingoes, Coleman lanterns, bird feeders.... an entire load of things that we won't need in a rental..... Things we won't want to unpack until we're ready to clutter up the new house!

Here is our helpful assistant who rode up with us and patiently endured sharing the backseat of the truck with Atta and Mr. Biggs.

Good thing we didn't have many breakable things as 900 miles of rough roads had everything helterskelter by the time we arrived.

Luckily it was cool and overcast so we weren't miserable unloading and got things nice and neat.

Happy, Sweaty Virginia Pod Renters......


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