Saturday, August 14, 2010

Is there really "News from the Hill"?

"News from the Hill" is probably that the gigantic whitetail deer (they are the size of Welsh ponies) are grazing and the rabbits and squirrels are getting fat and happy.  

Until someone decides that they want to buy our house here in Louisiana, I'll actually be posting "News from Zachary" which though accurate isn't nearly as quaint and catchy a title and one that I wasn't going to invest in with GoDaddy.  

I'm hoping that this blog helps me put into perspective the myriad of conflicting emotions and the zillion details required to give up this house and life that are as comfortable to me as an old pair of jeans.  Also I've been motivated by a few favorite blogs to post about what I'm cooking; mundane as it may seem, I enjoy the creative outlet of cooking and want more of a record of what I'm doing in the kitchen.  And then there's the horseback riding, the pets, the books.... lots I want to remember
I debated for way too long about whether to make this a private or public blog:  a journal that only I knew about or an ongoing letter open to the "boys" and other family and friends.

My hesitation about sharing was based largely on wondering whether I could be true to my emotions and not be hampered by a reluctance to push the Publish Post button because I was worried about your reactions.  I think I can get past that; I hope I can get past that.  Obviously I'm still worried about it.   

Weighting the scales in the other direction, my motivation to give out the address of the blog is because although I have the best of intentions of writing and although hundreds of notes, letters and emails are composed in my brain, very few of them actually get sent.  

Also I'm guilty of telling 3 of the 4 sons about something and then weeks later the one I forgot says in an exasperated tone "You never told ME that....." and then in the "You Can't Win for Losing" category, I'll tell one of the Handsome Four something twice and he'll let out a sigh which simultaneously implies boredom as well as concern about my mental acuity and I'll hear "You've told me about that twice already."  

I'll probably embarrass both myself and some of you more than once.  Forgive me in advance. 

After rereading this, I see that I've just written a Mission Statement and not a speck of news for my first blog post.... I'll have to work on the entertainment factor in Post Two.    

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