Wednesday, August 18, 2010


     Two days ago, I finally got around to filtering the Limoncello.  Two big pickle sized jars that have been steeping for months longer than required in the pantry.

      Paige had a bumper crop of Meyer Lemons last winter and we spent a day carefully peeling them so there wasn't any white pith and then putting the peels in vodka to steep for a couple of months.   After the first steeping period, we added the sugar, strained out the peels and let sit longer to age
                  ... and longer
                                        .... and longer....  

     It dawned on me that several pickle jars of a slightly viscous looking yellow liquid in the pantry might be a little odd looking to house shoppers.  So......

 It took hours to filter but in the end was beautifully clear with no sediment at all.  

     Half the haul goes to Paige, but my half is now in the freezer ready for a nightcap.  It's delicious, but a little goes a long way! 


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