Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It Could Have Been Worse.....

We had the blowout only one mile from an exit and we limped into a Pilot truck stop in Dandridge TN.

  Though perhaps not quite as experienced with trailer blowout changing as four certain handsome young men,  Joe was up to the task.  I wasn't much help and mostly stayed inside calling around to try and find new tires.

  The new tire ramp/cradle worked amazingly better than the teetery pile of boards we had to use on Big Trips.

  Only 1 mile farther down the side road was the Jefferson County Farm Co-op which had two tires in our size. We bought them both!   Had them mounted, then put the spare back and were on our way.

We're still not in Lexington though!  At the co-op, we realized that the AC in the trailer had gone out. It worked fine last night and blows but doesn't cool. So we're overnighting  at the Camping World in Roanoke where the service manager said that he'd fit us in at 8am when they open.

  It's mid 60's, so we're comfortable without AC.  Other than the fact that we're rapidly getting poorer on this trip, we're having a fine time!


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