Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Going back in time a little.... but just got these out of the camera....

10 days ago, Joe worked and sweated on the ladder inside and out of the garden shed for most of the morning.... (Yes, that's a headlamp!)

 and eventually, he got it down.... the weathervane that I had made for his wedding gift.

     I suppose it was a leap of faith to give this as a gift since we were going to be renting a house in Baton Rouge and were years away from having a place of our own.  But we knew that we wanted the country life and so it was as much a symbol of what we were hoping to have one day.  It was atop the old barn made of doors at the "old house" on Hwy 61, then atop the barn here in Port Hudson and about 8 years ago we moved it to the newly built garden shed.   Now its time to make a trip out of state to Virginia!

     It was made by Georgia Gerber who was a fellow student at Bucknell.   She was an art/sculpture student a year ahead of us and so had already graduated but was still working in Lewisburg when I asked her about making a weathervane for Joe way back in 1978.

     On one of the "Big Trips", I was thrilled to see a work of hers on display at Mount St. Helens.  At the time that was the first I knew that she was still sculpting.  There was really no way to find out more but just now thanks to the wonders of Google, I found her website.   Take a minute to click the link and go to her "Public Works" section.

      She has achieved a level of excellence that is awe inspiring.  Her gardens and studio on Whidbey Island are as beautiful as her sculptures and since I see now that I could never afford another commission by her,  I'll cherish our rooster all the more!

     Funny that on the same trip where the boys and I saw her Mt St Helens work, I didn't realize that we had already seen another of her creations:  Rachel the Pig at Pike Place Market in Seattle!  After looking at her links to her public works on the website, I realize that I've seen several others too.  I wonder if she'd get a kick out of seeing our weather vane which would have been one of her earliest commissions!   

Anyway, the weathervane is down and waiting to be packed in a box to go along in the next load to Virginia.  The timing was almost perfect since the day before taking the down the weathervane, Joe brought home flowers and we celebrated our 32nd anniversary.  

Hopefully the rooster won't have to live too long in the pod before he's out on a rooftop again!


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