Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Finally in Lexington

After overnighting in the Camping World parking lot until opening time, we spent the morning looking at RV's and shopping while we waited for the service department to give the verdict on our AC problem.  Unfortunately it was bad news and we needed a new compressor.  After 3.5 hours and a spending a "little" money, we had a new one and were finally on our way!

We pulled into Lexington at lunchtime and parked the truck and trailer in the freshman parking lot at the rear of campus.  Clark met us and we walked through campus to town and over to Blue Sky Bakery for lunch.  The weather was perfect and we had finally made it to town!

Then it was back to the truck and trailer and off to the storage pod to unload.

Three days ago after a full day of loading things into the trailer for the trip up, we were absolutely exhausted.  Between the heat and the heavy lifting, I honestly can't remember when I've ever been so physically spent.  But with Clark's help and not having to haul things through the house and out the driveway in the 98 degree Louisiana humidity, unloading was relatively quick and easy.

Among the things on this trip:  the nursery rocker (how could I let that go?) and also the Narnia lamp!

The top is packed in a box.... How could I leave my lamp behind in the woods?  It will be even more at home deep in the woods on Elliot's Hill!
Then it was off to the dorm room where we dropped off the carpet remnant for Clark's room, got that laid out, rearranged and rebuilt/lofted dorm room furniture and called it quits.

Campus police gave us the okay to stay overnight in the freshman lot.  We were thankful that we didn't  have to move after such a long day and also glad to be within walking distance of everything in town.

After cleaning up, it was off to a relaxing dinner out on the upper porch of Macado's.... what a wonderful town!!

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